Women & non-binary artists make up for 5% of music in UK dance charts

Jaguar has released the ‘Progressing Gender Representation in UK Dance Music’ report via The Jaguar Foundation, which ‘uncovers evidence supporting long-held beliefs about gender disparity in dance music’.

The report focuses on three main areas: the UK music industry, dance music and the gender representation of artists. It was put together to push for a change within the industry, with the findings of the report being that there is still a large gender gap within the dance music industry, which results in discrimination against women and gender minorities.

The qualitative evidence discovered the lack of female and non-binary representation; only 5% of the music within the UK dance charts in the last three years were made by female and non-binary artists. The statistics are similar in terms of radio airplay, with only 1% of the top 200 tracks made by female and non-binary artists, and only 25% of the most popular dance music playlists on Spotify contained female representation.

Another key finding within the report found that many of those holding senior positions within the dance music industry are men, demonstrating a lack of power and authority for those who identify as female and non-binary. This extends far beyond DJs and musicians, whether it be club owners, record labels and those in the media. The key backing of this report came from the Sony Music UK Social Justice Fund, with Nicola Davies serving as the research coordinator and main author of the Jaguar Foundation report.

“I’m proud to bring this ground-breaking gender report out into the world. My overarching mission is to make the world a better place through my work, and bringing equality to the dance world is a huge priority for me. My hope is that this becomes a springboard for much-needed change in the electronic music industry, and makes women and non-binary people feel supported and represented.”Jaguar

You can see the key findings of the report via Instagram down below.

You can read the full ‘Progressing Gender Representation in UK Dance Music’ report here; what do you think? Please be sure to let us know your thoughts.


Image credit: A. L. (@overdriv3) via Unsplash 

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