W&W and AXMO release new banger ‘Skydance’: Listen

W&W have released a brand new track titled ‘Skydance’ alongside AXMO and singer Giin. This track has the same vibes to the original ‘Rave Love’ happy hardcore song, which was released last year on October 23 and could be almost considered as a continuous piece.

It’s not surprising to see Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst collaborate with AXMO and Giin once again. The energetic track ‘Skydance’ has a powerful drop and has an old school Eurodance melody feel to it once you listen along to the catchy and bouncy beats.

‘Skydance’ was first featured in the powerful Dutch duo’s Rave Culture Live 001 Set initially as ‘Track 25’ and the final track of an unforgettable set, which was streamed a few days ago across multiple social media channels on April 17. A much anticipated return to the happy hardcore scene, W&W, AXMO and Giin have powered up to release a terrific and energetic track once again, an exclusive piece of electronic music that will surely be an essential for festival closers.

Previously, W&W also released ‘Long Way Down’ with Darren Styles and Giin back in 2018, as happy hardcore is a genre the iconic Dutch duo have no trouble mastering.

You can listen to W&W’s new track on Spotify here and watch their music video below:

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Image Credit: W&W / Alda

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