You Can’t Hear ZHU’s Stunning New Mixtape Unless You Text Him

The second installment of ZHU's "Musical Chairs" mixtape series is here—kind of.

Ask any scam victim or drunken ex: the worst thing about texting is that once you send one, you can never get it back. But this is one text you won't regret.

ZHU has "released" the second installment of his Musical Chairs mixtape series—but it's not available on streaming platforms. Fans who want to hear it will need to text the electronic music superstar, who has often gravitated to the element of surprise when it comes to his releases.

ZHU took to Instagram to quietly reveal the tape before deleting his post within 24 hours. Dark, funky and spellbinding, Musical Chairs Mixtape (Vol. 2) is replete with his signature sound and spacey vocals. It spans 23 minutes in length and features a bevy of brand new original tracks.

Out of respect for ZHU and his rollout plan, we've opted not to include the audio of Musical Chairs Mixtape (Vol. 2) in this article. To receive the link, you can text "mcmvii" to the following number: +1 (773) 825-5598.

A screenshot of a since-deleted post from ZHU's Instagram account revealing his new mixtape, "Musical Chairs Mixtape (Vol. 2)."undefined

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