YouTuber Precisely Crafts Miniature Bluetooth Speaker Inside a Walnut

The prospect of creating a speaker merely an inch in diameter would be a tough nut to crack for most. However, for the inventive YouTuber Penguin DIY, this challenge was just another day's work.

In a video that's as mesmerizing as it is ingenious, the creator showcases the product of a fully functional speaker—all housed within a single walnut shell.

The DIY walnut bluetooth speaker.

Penguin DIY

The video begins with the meticulous preparation of the walnut. The precision required for this project is evident as he carefully drills holes through the outer shell of the nut, a process requiring steady hands to avoid shattering the delicate shell.

Viewers are treated to a masterclass in miniature electronics as Penguin DIY skillfully solders together tiny components, including LEDs, an audio module and the speaker itself. Seamlessly integrating form and function, he satisfyingly completes this audio capsule by fastening the two walnut halves together.

Perhaps most impressive is the walnut speaker's functionality. Despite its diminutive size, it incorporates a series of tiny playback buttons, which enable full control over music playback via a Bluetooth connection and transform the nut into a portable, wireless speaker.

The blend of natural materials with cutting-edge technology showcased in the video is a testament to the endless possibilities of DIY electronics. It's a refreshing reminder that innovation isn't always about going bigger. Sometimes it's about thinking smaller, and in this case—dare we say—nuttier. 


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