Zedd lets fans decide the way to release his new album

The iconic producer Zedd has hold a poll on his Twitter account so fans could give their say on how they prefer him to release his new album. The Russian-German artist asked the following question to his followers:

‘Would you rather wait and get an entire new album at once or would you rather have 1-2 singles from the album come out beforehand?’ 

The results were quite open as the 58% of the respondents preferred to hear 1 or 2 new songs before the album release, while the 42% opted to wait and hear the new entire album at once. Zedd has also made clear that none of the over 10 songs he has put out since the last album ‘True Colours’ will be in this new LP, so this means tons of new exclusive music. About the potential new songs, it has recently been speculated that the album might contain potential huge collabs like one with the legend Porter Robinson.

This album was meant to be released towards the end of 2020, however Zedd finally decided to wait until 2021 for the new album to see the light. The main reason behind this is non-other that he simply preferred to wait until things went a bit back to normal. The quarantine and lockdowns affected the artist’ inspiration and in order to release the best quality material out there, he decided not to rush it and preferred to wait for better days and celebrate it together with fans on tour:

I really wanted it to come out this year but I put the album on standby because during quarantine I just didn’t feel the inspiration to make this the best album possible’

Image Credit: Nick Walker

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