Zedd teams up with N!CK’s Ice Cream for curation of new Chilly Mango flavour

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Co-creating the flavour of the summer, Zedd has teamed up with N!CK’s Ice Cream for their latest edition, Chilly Mango. “I’m excited to have been able to team up with a brand like N!CK’S and hope that fans everywhere love the sweet yet spicy pint we created!,” Zedd says

Bringing the ultimate ice cream flavour for this summer, Zedd has teamed up with N!CK’s Ice Cream, for the curation of a limited edition Chilly Mango ice cream. Having made more than clear his love for both ice cream and the brand in mention, Zedd further proves that whatever he touches turns into gold, be that music production, or even ice cream flavour co-creation. A partnership we never knew that we needed, N!CK’s has been leading the way in bringing food science and technology to the ice cream industry, as each of their products are created with a main mission of making the world a much healthier place, whilst at the same time, still being able to indulge our favourite treats without feeling guilty at all.

Combining the exotic mango flavour that we all know and love, with just a hint of spice and a sweet strawberry swirl, Chilly Mango is most definitely the ice cream that you need to try this summer. Containing a mere 240 calories per pint, as well as 9 grams of protein, this keto-friendly ice cream is the perfect treat by all means of the imagination, as N!CK’s have once again showcased the world why they are the premium and very first Swedish-style light ice cream brand. Providing the similar taste and quality to when eating a full fat ice cream, this time round consumers should not feel guilty at all, as all the nutritional benefits make this particular ice cream stand out from all the rest.

“I first discovered N!CK’S Swedish Lemon Bar pint and I was blown away. After being able to work with the N!CK’S team to dream up Chilly Mango, I might just have a new favorite flavor! I’m excited to have been able to team up with a brand like N!CK’S and hope that fans everywhere love the sweet yet spicy pint we created!” – Zedd

Arriving just in time for the most enticing of summer’s, N!CK’s only recently launched seven new flavours that will leave consumers begging for more, whilst the health benefits of each are once again unmatched. Celebrating the launch in style, a giveaway has also been announced, where fans will have the opportunity of winning the ultimate Zedd prize package, offering a six month supply of Zedd’s favourtite N!CK’s pints, as well as two tickets to Zedd in the Park this July. A prize that you don’t want to miss out on, the giveaway will be running from the 14th of June and up until the 30th of the same month, so be sure to visit N!CK’s official website for any further information. Will you be trying the Chilly Mango this summer? Let us know in the comments section.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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