ZHU to live-stream DJ set from moving train in Montana

Quarantine live streams are still going strong, as ZHU is set to deliver another breathtaking set and this time from a moving train. Earlier this year we saw him perform on top of the Japanese mountains at the Hakuba Iwatake resort, and in the middle of the desert for the virtual Lollapalooza set. ZHU is no stranger to performing in the most spectacular settings, and this seems to be no different.

The live-stream is set to broadcast on October 8 on what ZHU calls the Z-Train. Starting on September 20, ZHU took it to twitter to tease what we know will be a set on a moving train in the U.S. state of Montana. Moreover, the American-Chinese artist teased that the full set will contain new, unreleased music. Check out his tweets below:

Make sure to follow ZHU for more details on the stream, as the date rolls by.  We can’t wait to see what the setting will look like and the new music the artist will debut! We know that the set will be just as breathtaking as his past ones, and if you have not checked them out, make sure to watch them as you will get a preview for what is to come.

Image Credit: Jeff Kravitz

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