A Billion Reasons to Believe: Avicii’s “Hey Brother” Joins Elusive Spotify Streaming Club

A billion streams later, Avicii's "Hey Brother" is still proving dance music's power to bridge divides.

The folksy dance anthem, which the late EDM great released back in October 2013 alongside bluegrass singer-songwriter Dan Tyminski, today eclipsed the elusive billion-stream mark on Spotify.

Banjo twangs weaving through pulsing synths, "Hey Brother" transcends genres and generations. A reminder that we are never truly alone, it's a universal rallying cry for those who've ever shouldered burdens and sought a hand to hold while navigating through the uncertainties of life's "endless road."

That promise is etched in its timeless melody and lyrics: "What if I'm far from home?" asks Tyminski, whose verses speak to the human experience of feeling adrift yet holding onto hope that understanding can be found. "Oh brother, I will hear you call," he assures.


"Hey Brother" is the fifth song in Avicii's catalog to reach the billion-stream milestone after "Wake Me Up," "The Nights," "Waiting For Love" and "Without You."

To celebrate the accomplishment, Avicii's estate has released an interview with Tyminski that was recorded in conjunction with the singer's performance at last year's "Together For a Better Day" concert at the Avicii Arena. He opens up about the story behind "Hey Brother," which started after his teenage daughter facetiously threatened to run away if he didn't accept the offer to record with Avicii, her favorite artist.

"I fell in love with the song," Tyminski recalls. "Like immediately, as soon as I heard it... I don't think I will ever have the opportunity to record something that's reached farther into the corners of the earth than 'Hey Brother.' It was like a beam came out of heaven and dropped this beautiful, amazing song."

Check out Tyminski's interview below.


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