Ableton releases playable iOS app called NOTE for music producers

Ableton has released a new app called NOTE designed to allow producers to sketch ideas, record samples and more from their iPhone or iPad.  This new release will be ideal for producers of all levels and abilities as every musician can relate to the frustration of having an idea or looking to sample a sound and not having direct access to their studio set up and equipment.

Available now in the Apple App Store, it is available for just $5.99 and the features and versatility make it a worthwhile purchase for anyone making music on the go.  One of the most exciting elements of the new app is that NOTE offers users a variety of drum kits, melodic instruments and synths directly from Ableton Live, ensuring access to high quality sounds and ease of transfer when returning to Ableton Live for building upon ideas and sketches.  The layout of the app also offers users a variety of ways for starting and creating new projects and tracking ideas.  Boasting a 16 pad grid, users can pick their sounds or drum kit and simply tap out their idea.  With quantize, nudge and special affects accessible, ideas can quickly be formed and edited from a phone or iPad.  The app also boasts a 25 pad grid or piano roll, allowing users to musically create a melody or set a key and scale to get harmonic results instantly, using preset sounds and then adjusting the parameters to help refine an idea.


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As mentioned, the app is also ideal for sampling sounds and percussive hits in ones environment.  Utilizing the phone’s built in microphone, users simple capture a sound and then choose between the Drum Sampler and or Melodic Sampler to cut, filter, re pitch or add effects to the sample. Of course, NOTE allows Ableton Live users to transfer the projects directly, making for improved workflow for users of the popular DAW.  While NOTE is not currently available for Android users, it is still an exciting and powerful new production tool.


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Image Credits: Ableton

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