Alice The G00N Showcases Her Powerful Vocals In Her Latest “Forever”

Rhythm & Dance artist Alice The G00N drops a new single “Forever.” The powerhouse vocals blended with electronic and R&B beats unveil a different style of the singer.  With this new song, the influence of legendary musicians and performers Aretha, Donna, and Whitney are more apparent than ever.

The artist transports us from one era to the next without losing authenticity. As Alice The G00N has expressed herself before, “I shift between eras of inspiration constantly when creating; everything happens in my  head. Just going down the earworm hole, whatever genre my vibe lands on is secondary. It  has to move me first. I don’t make ‘dance music’ so much as I do R&D. I learned Pro Tools  before I could legally drive, so my default setting is just pouring it out of my head straight  into the computer.” 

Alice The G00N is transparent with the public. She honestly speaks out about her emotions and thoughts and encourages people to do the same. With her work, she redirects negative emotions to positive results. Being courageous and unafraid to take risks, opens room for more creativity and original work.

“Who Do You Love?” and “Lucky” are two different tracks that show the range of the artist and the musical skills she prefers to experiment with.  “Crushing genres together until fusion happens—that’s simply my self-expression in its purest form. I’m remaining true to how I write my music, and now I produce it that way.”

Being rich with melodies and rhythms, “Forever” will further enhance Alice The G00N’s career and allow her to continue to rise and shine.

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