“Women in Music Tech” Summit to Offer Free Masterclasses, Workshops, Networking Events

"The journey of an independent artist can often be a lonely one," Music Production for Women (MPW) affirms on their website, "in which it is difficult to know exactly how to move forward to give your music the best chance of success."

That's why the British organization is hosting a two-day summit, "Women in Music Tech" designed to train and empower the next wave of female and non-binary musicians. Scheduled for October 15-16 and free for all to attend, the event will livestream a variety of workshops, masterclasses and networking sessions to participants in more than 120 countries. 

“I’m hoping we can inspire any attendees who may have wanted to produce but felt intimidated by it, to take their first steps in the field," Xylo Aria, founder and CEO of MPW, said in a statement. “I know having an event like this available when I first started would have made production feel a lot more accessible to me."

Check out the full summit program and sign up here

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Music Production for Women

"Women in Music Tech" Summit to Offer Free Masterclasses, Workshops, Networking Events

Hosted by Music Production for Women, the two-day summit will be livestreamed globally in October 2022.


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Website: musicproductionforwomen.com

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