Alison Wonderland Launches “Festival-Friendly” Cosmetics Line, FMU Beauty

Music festivals are a sacred space to let your freak flag fly. But after rattling the rail for hours in the desert heat, many are left with raccoon eyes and a melted base with nowhere to turn but a filthy porta-potty.

Alison Wonderland gets it—raging that hard takes tough makeup that won't crease, cake or disappear, and you need fortified formulas as relentless as you are. She's now launched FMU Beauty, a "festival-friendly" cosmetics line to let your makeup face the music with you.

An ode to the uninhibited spirit of festival life, the new makeup line was essentially created so ravers can go the distance from the RV camp to the afterparty without heavy maintenance. FMU Beauty's "performance-driven" cosmetics are "specifically formulated to withstand the demands of all-day, all-night dancing and celebration," according to its website.

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But FMU Beauty isn't just about looking beautiful. All of the brand's products are cruelty-free and "never animal-tested" so you can rock your warpaint with a conscience.

The new line has launched with three products: Hyper Hue pH Lip & Cheek Tint, UFO Body Art Stamp & Liner and a handy waterproof fanny pack with translucent material "designed to adhere to security guidelines."

It's a beauty line that lives by the same rules as Wonderland's music: bold and unapologetic. And it's the realization of a dream for the chart-topping producer and singer-songwriter, who recently gave birth to her first child.

"All I have ever wanted it so make life a little more fun for everyone around me," she said in an Instagram post. "Makeup is self expression and I have always done my own even on shoots and videos. I created festival friendly multi use products for everyone… I just can’t believe this is real. Thank you everyone for believing in me."

You can peruse the FMU Beauty marketplace here.

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