An Engineer Has Created the World’s Smallest MIDI Synthesizer

In the realm of music technology, where giant leaps are often celebrated, it's the tiny incremental steps that are often more fascinating.

This certainly rings true for Tim Alex Jacobs, or mitxela, who has shared his journey towards creating the world's smallest MIDI synthesizer. This latest iteration in his multi-year journey, a USB-C MIDI Synth, is a marvel of miniaturization. Roughly the size of a grape, the remarkable device efficiently combines a USB-C connector, circuit board and piezo buzzer.

mitxela's journey into the world of micro-synths began in 2015 with the unveiling of what was then the world's smallest MIDI synthesizer. He then introduced another version, this time incorporating USB functionality. The culmination of this journey is the present USB-C model, a testament to both his creativity and technical skill.

The world's smallest MIDI synthesizer, which was created by mitxela.


True to its diminutive size, the synth's sound can best be described as dainty. It is a true one-trick pony, solely capable of producing a monophonic square wave. mitxela himself recognizes the device's novelty while pointing out its limitations.

"There is no device we could plug this into that doesn't already have a speaker," he says. "There are no USB-C hosts that couldn't already run a software synthesizer."

While it's unlikely that mitxela's creation will ever see mass production, it's nevertheless a novel experiment that pushes the boundaries of music technology—and a reminder that innovation often often comes in unexpected sizes and forms.

You can watch the development of the synthesizer below and find out more here.


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