Andromedik Fuses Raw Power With Introspective Bliss in New Drum & Bass EP, “Rise”

With its heart-on-sleeve songwriting, Andromedik's new EP, Rise, proves that drum & bass can be both a party-starter and a canvas for complex emotions.

The project arrives in the midst of a meteoric rise the likes of which most DJs can only dream. Last summer, the Belgian producer became the first drum & bass artist in five years to perform on Tomorrowland's fabled Mainstage, following in the footsteps of Netsky. Now he's set to host his very own Tomorrowland stage takeover, "Andromedik Invites," to celebrate the iconic festival brand's 20th anniversary.

Andromedik performing at the iconic Tomorrowland festival in Belgium.


Out now via Liquicity Records, Rise is a shapeshifting showcase of Andromedik's versatility. One moment you're hurtling down the rails of a teeth-rattling festival anthem, the next you're floating weightless through an emotive, melodic reverie.

He kicks off the EP with its titular track, which detonates with concussive bass and breakneck drums. But he quickly shifts gears on the contemplative "Stay," where aching vocals from Idle Days quiver through blissed-out synths to create a surreal moment of detachment, like sinking into a warm bath after a long night.

Andromedik finds a thrilling middle ground in "Comedown," joining forces with pioneering drum & bass producer Grafix to balance the genre's raw physicality with glistening pop hooks that burrow deep into your subconscious. The same goes for the EP's cathartic closer, "Paradise," where Luka's ethereal vocals soar above a rumbling bassline like a lone voice at the peak of a rollercoaster.

You can listen to Andromedik's full Rise EP below.