Apashe Dissects “Human” Duality in Cinematic, Reality-Bending Music Video With Wasiu

Apashe's cinematic music video for "Human" lives up to the scale of his signature sound. Reuniting with "Majesty" collaborator Wasiu, he's released a music video more suited for an Oscar than a Grammy.

"Am I an angel or a devil? I'm only human so I guess both," Wasiu sings in the chorus. The rapper's contemplation and epiphany are the crux of this dystopian, reality-bending music video.

Apashe and Wasiu begin as celebrity black knights in a timeline mirroring the present day or the near future. They launch into outer space on a shuttle amusingly named, "B3ZO5"—a cheeky nod to Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos—before their ship erupts into a ball of flames outside of Earth's orbit and crashes onto a desert planet. Apashe emerges from the wreckage, stripping Wasiu of a Thanos-like gauntlet and leaving him to die.

The Belgian-Canadian DJ roams the planet until he is approached by a covenant of black druids, who he leads through the gauntlet's power. The cinematic experience ends with Wasiu—remarkably still alive—leading a band of horseback warriors against Apashe's forces.


Apashe and his bannerman are actively galloping across North America in support of his Antagonist tour and impending album of the same name. His unique blend of electronic and classical music is reinforced by an accompanying live brass orchestra.

Check out Apashe's 2023 tour dates below and purchase tickets here.


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