Apashe Takes Fans On a Full-Send Field Trip to the “Renaissance” Tour

Hello, class. Meet your substitute history teacher, Apashe.

For one special night, Apashe transformed a rather ordinary Vancouver nightclub into his unique museum: part historical renaissance, part dystopian future. He is your docent, director and dominion to a dramatic destination.

Apashe's unique blend of classical and electronic music is rapidly becoming a favorite amongst festival-goers. His sold-out shows and crowd mastery are evidence that he is not only a special attraction, but also an artist worthy of the marquee.

Innocent bystanders looking for an ordinary night out were likely confused by the red lightsaber-wielding DJ. That confusion doubled over by the sight of concertgoers waving their fingers to thrashing pianos and heart-pounding bass. But ticket-holders knew what the rest would soon discover: we are all apprentices and instruments under the command of our composer and Dark Lord, Apashe.

Apashe was captivating as the master of ceremonies. His infectious symphony compelled attendees to keep moving in defiance of the late-night fatigue and sapping heat. 

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Apashe Renaissance Live: Tour concert in Dallas, Texas (EDM) Electronic Dance Music news

Apashe Takes Fans On a Full-Send Field Trip to the "Renaissance" Tour

Apashe is converting venues all around the world into concert halls for his immersive classic-electronic experience on his "Renaissance: Live" tour.

Renaissance imagery—yes, that means semi-nude deities and humans—flooded the screen behind Apashe as he performed various classical-infused tracks. Lightsabers and laser-spouting bras were oddly appropriate for his invigorating performance of "Lord & Master." The track's Star Wars-inspired imagery was even better viewing in a live music setting.

Expect all the hits on the "Renaissance: Live" tour. "Lacrimosa" and "I'm a Dragon (VIP") were among the many tracks scribbled onto Apashe's setlist. He also welcomed rapper Wasiu to the stage to deliver two live performances, including the fan-favorite "Majesty."

One performance that stood out was his twist on "Uebok (Gotta Run)." Some DJs are guilty of performing a set that sounds more like an album listening party. Others stray so far with remixes that they lose the soul of their songs. Apashe did a masterful job of adding new wrinkles to "Uebok" while retaining the track's magic. Throw in a carefully curated selection of remixes, including a thrashing version of GRAVEDGR's "RAMPAGE," for an evening short on breathers.

Apashe is currently on tour in support of his second studio album, Reinassance and 2021's I Killed the Orchestra EP. You can stream both projects below. He also recently got a major sync for the Apex Legends: Eclipse launch trailer.

Apashe's tour traverses the four corners of the globe through to the end of the year. You can purchase tickets here.

Apashe - Renaissance Live: Tour Dates 2022

Oct. 30 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov. 4 - Prague, Czech Republic
Nov. 11 - Bratislava, Slovakia
Nov. 12 - Istanbul, Turkey
Nov. 16 - Riga, Latvia
Nov. 17 - Berlin, Germany
Nov. 18 - Poznan, Poland
Nov. 19 - Warsaw, Poland
Nov. 20 - Warsaw, Poland
Nov. 24 - London, England
Nov. 25 - Budapest, Hungary
Nov. 26 - Barcelona, Spain
Dec. 30 - San Marcos, Texas
Dec. 31 - Atlanta, Georgia

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