Area15, a new complex displaying Burning Man sculptures

On September 17, 2020, after 5 years in the making, the experimental retail and performance complex Area15 is finally open. The mysterious artistic place where you can admire the artistic installations from previous editions of all the well known Burning Man festival is located less than two miles from downtown Las Vegas. Anyone who has ever come into contact with Burning Man has certainly not passed indifferently from the accompanying artistic environment – monumental sculptures, art installations, steel statues, or famous wooden effigy.

Area15’s founder, Michael Beneville, who already visited the festival 10 times said to Artnet:

Burning Man is its own very special thing. It’s 68,000 of the most creative people on the planet coming together to build something that’s just extraordinary. I’m humble enough to know that we would never try to recreate Burning Man.

Complex’s Art Island is now a home for arts created especially for the event in the Black Rock Desert by artists from around the world. In Area15 you can already admire such eye-popping arts like the 14-foot-tall polished steel statue by Michael Benisty and the neon-lit owl sculpture made by Alchemy Arts. The 26-foot-tall Mariposita, a woman emerging from a giant egg which was one of the highlights of Burning Man 2019 will be moved to the complex soon.


Alchemy Arts, OMAH, at Art Island at Area15. Photo by Peter Ruprecht.


Ivan McLean, El Scorcho, at Art Island at Area15. Photo by Peter Ruprecht.

Ivan McLean, El Scorcho, at Art Island at Area15. Photo by Peter Ruprecht.

In addition to exhibiting these beautiful, breathtaking installations, some of them will also appear on the market:

Real-estate developers, municipalities, and other people who are interested in purchasing this kind of work can come and actually see the piece in some kind of context. In a photograph, you can’t get a sense of how spectacular this work is. – Beneville says.

A large part of the facility, apart from displaying Burning Man sculptures, will also be developed for stores selling festival equipment and boutiques. The complex will also include event space with 3D projections, called Portal. Visit official Area15’s website here. This year’s edition of Burning Man was unfortunately postponed to the next year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Festival organizers crowdfunding campaign to aid festival, learn more here.

Photo credits: Peter Ruprecht


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