Vin Diesel releases debut tropical house single ‘Feels Like I Do’: Listen

Yes, you read the headline right. The Fast and the Furiousstar, The Pacifier’s Navy nanny, Vin Diesel has released his debut single ‘Feel Like I Do‘ on Kygo’s Palm Tree Records. With him at the vocals, this is a track you don’t want to miss.

Vin Diesel teamed up with Petey Martin, a Palm Tree Records artist, and collaborator of Kygo, to release this tropical house/pop fusion. The track delivers a laidback vibe with Vin Diesel singing throughout the track. You may actually be surprised at how well the vocal turned out after being altered to fit the tropical production. The drop is nothing short of infectious and energy-filled, fitting for Palm Tree Records. With a catchy chorus, Vin Diesel knows the elements needed to make a memorable track.

This was definitely not expected, but it is 2020 after all and we have to be open to new things. Is this the start of a new career by the mega actor? We don’t know, but if so, he has started on the right foot. Moreover, he has teamed up with the right people as having your first release under Kygo is not a bad start. Check out the full single down below and let us know what you think!

Image Credit: Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

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