Ark Patrol Pays Tribute to His Brother In New Single, “Top of the World”

Ark Patrol's new single, "Top of the World," emerges as a profound narrative—a tribute wrapped in melody, dedicated to the bond between brothers. 

Born from the creative depths of the Hawaii-raised artist, the track seeks to bridge the physical and emotional distance with a musical link that's both poignant and powerful. From his perspective, "Top of the World" is a journey through the highs and lows, a theme that deeply resonates with the unpredictable nature of the life of a creative. 

From the euphoria of writing a viral hit to the solitude of creative blocks, the track mirrors the rollercoaster ride of emotions that defines not just Ark Patrol's career, but also the essence of being human. His own valiant battle against cancer weaves into the song's broader theme, adding a deeply personal layer to its songwriting.

Part of the producer's G EP, "Top of the World" is characterized by shimmering house grooves that marry Ark Patrol's signature meditative style with uplifting production, crafting an atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace. Woven seamlessly into the framework, the melancholic lyrics touch on the concept of being "high" in its many forms, exploring the ephemeral nature of joy and the inevitable descent that follows. But through this exploration, the track manages to maintain a hopeful undercurrent, a reminder that the view from the peak is worth the climb.

Take a listen to "Top of the World" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.




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