ARTY delivers synth-pop remix of Griff Clawson’s ‘Chasing Highs’: Listen

Rising Californian pop artist Griff Clawson has enlisted the help of ARTY to give his latest single ‘Chasing Highs’ a dance edge for the more electronic inclined. The remix shows off ARTY’s masterful production prowess, whilst simultaneously allowing Clawson’s mesmerising vocals to shine through.

The original track features a relaxed, acoustic pop production, reminiscent of fellow pop artist Lauv. ARTY’s remix opens with Clawon’s emotive vocals, paired with an equally emotive piano, soon to be joined by a nostalgic drum beat. After an eighties-inspired drum fill, the chorus, also acting as the drop, is introduced along with a rolling bassline and massive snare drum. The Russian producer also introduces synth counter-melodies later in the track to ensure the euphoric atmosphere is maintained.

This isn’t the first time the two artists have worked together, with their first collaboration ‘You’re Not Alone’ releasing earlier this year and already amassing over 5 million plays on Spotify alone.

Despite ARTY’s remix taking the track in a completely different direction, both versions are works of art in their own right. As a result, Neither the original or the remix are worth missing; listen to Griff Clawson ‘Chasing Highs (ARTY Remix)’ here.

Image Credit: Easton Schirra

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