New PRS system could save the season with Covid-19 secure events

The 100 Club in London has announced that it will be trialing a new ventilation method called Pathogen Reduction System (PRS) along with Test Clean Prevent (TCP) this coming month, which could potentially guarantee COVID-19 secure events.

According to the club:

This new system will fit into our current ventilation system, and was developed by scientists to clean the air in the venue by using high intensity UVC light, safely inactivating 99.99% of all airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, flu, MRSA etc. This trial will hopefully prove that the integration of this system into a buildings air conditioning creates a COVID secure environment, and will lead to the reopening of the UK’s Grassroots Music Venues (GMV’s) to pre-pandemic numbers, as well as the entire hospitality sector. It will also future proof this sector, we believe, against further pandemics in the future.”

The current situation in the UK is not promising, as the country has been put back into lockdown as a new hit of COVID cases has arisen in the country. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is already in circulation, but we are still far from being in a secure spot. In order to make events possible in 2021 and save the whole entertainment industry, which probably has been one of the hardest-hit markets out there, this certainly has come as positive news leading towards the end of this tragic year.

In a recent press release, the owner of The 100 Club, Jeff Horton stated the following with regard to this opportunity and how this might become a competitive advantage factor for them:

This is an opportunity to be leading the way in getting grassroots music venues and the entire hospitality industry open again after the dire consequences of COVID-19. We also see this as an opportunity to future-proof the venue should the world be brought to its knees again at some point down the road by another pandemic.”

Read the full Instagram post by The 100 Club below:


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Image Credit: Hanny Naibaho via via Unsplash

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