ATLiens Stun Festival Crowd With Identity “Reveal”

ATLiens didn't give fans much time to react before dropping a bombshell revelation—and a rickroll.

Last weekend at Cancun's Paradise Blue festival, ATLiens were in a mood to stir the pot.

The red-eyed, chrome-faced duo have diligently masked their identities from the public since the earliest days of their career. While their music speaks volumes, the otherwise mute trap and bass duo suddenly revealed—without warning via a visual graphic—that they would be unmasking within the next five seconds.

Naturally, the revelation sent the masses scrambling for their phones as the countdown clock ticked down. But as the booth's lights came on, standing before them were Excision and longtime partner Emma Livorno.

The crowd only had a mere moment to process what had just happened before Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" began to play from the stage monitors. The stoic ATLiens may be of few words, but they certainly haven't shied away from embracing a lighthearted troll from time to time. 

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