Autograf Revive Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” With Haunting Afro-House Remix: Listen

Benny Benassi's "Cinema" soundtracked a generation's romantic nights on the town. Autograf have now dusted it off, draping the classic in a captivating Afro-house cloak for a stunning Afro-house remix.

The head-over-heels anthem sheds its electro skin for haunting Afro-house grooves, transforming the dancefloor into a moonlight-drenched dreamscape. The infectious energy of the original "Cinema" is replaced by a slow burn, a smoky haze of desire blanketed by a hypnotic drumbeat.

A love letter to the alluring mystery of another person, the lyricism of "Cinema," once celebratory, becomes a whispered confession in Autograf's spellbinding soundscapes. "I could watch you for a lifetime / You're my favorite movie," croons Gary Go's familiar voice, not in the throes of party mania, but with the quiet intensity of someone entranced.

The new remix is a testament to the time-tested artistry of the Autograf duo, who managed to take a generational anthem and breathe into it a profound intimacy, proving that even the most well-worn grooves can enkindle new emotions when manipulated by master craftsmen.

Check out their new remix of "Cinema" below and download it here.


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