Listen: RL Grime’s Hotly Anticipated “Halloween XII” Mix Is Finally Here

Every October, ravers are given two of the best gifts of the year: a multitude of costume-forward festivals and RL Grime's Halloween mixes. The latter has finally arrived just in time for the holiday.

Grime's beloved mix series is a gift that keeps on giving. "Halloween XII" features numerous coveted IDs, including tracks from Sable Valley alumni like Deadcrow, Oddly Godly, Sublab and nikko, among others. Grime has also given fans their first look at the remix package for his latest album, closing the mix with WINK's stunning rework of "Pour Your Heart Out (with 070 Shake).

The hallowed mix series annually features a special guest to introduce each installment, like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Guy Fieri and T-Pain. This time around Grime took it upon himself to handle the introduction, saying he was unable to "get anyone famous to do it." However, legendary Goosebumps author R.L. Stine makes a brief cameo interlude about halfway through the mix.

While Grime has long been known for his elusiveness, he's made a highly visible comeback in 2023. The venerated producer released his masterful third album, PLAY, last month, reinforcing his standing as one of the world's most innovative electronic artists. In support of the album, he's hitting the road with JAWNS and 33 Below for an expansive tour with stops in Denver, Chicago, Atlanta and more major cities.

You can listen to "Halloween XII" below and find the mix on streaming platforms here.



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