Listen to HVDES’ Captivating New Single, a Visceral Plea Against Inner Collapse

HVDES has released a searing new single, a razored reminder that even in our darkest hours, the human soul has an almost supernatural tenacity to cling to life and meaning.

Like the ancient city from which it takes its name, "Babylon (Don’t Let Me Fall)" chronicles the rise and inevitable fall of personal empires, questioning whether the foundations were ever truly stable to begin with. Awash in a haze of distortion, HVDES' aching vocals bleed with a profound sense of existential angst: "Am I corrupted? Is it my fault?" she quivers.

Meanwhile, her stark imagery of scorched earth and smoldering temples invokes a visceral sense of loss and disillusionment. She then decimates them with the song's destructive drop, but a glimmer of hope persists within the lyricism of its rubble—a plea to whatever higher power may exist to not let her spirit succumb to the same fate as the fabled city of Babylon.

Reckoning with her own fragility in the throes of an existential crisis, HVDES shows that it's not always easy to find something to believe in. But by giving breath to the darkest depths of her psyche, she lyrically cauterizes those wounds and reminds us of the resilience that endures—however faintly—when all else seems to turn to ashes. 

"Babylon (Don’t Let Me Fall)" is the first single from HVDES' upcoming debut album. You can listen to the new single below and find it on streaming platforms here.