Noisia’s Legacy Lives On With Seismic Remix Album, “The Resonance VII”

As the echoes of Noisia's monumental two-decade career continue to resonate through the world of electronic music, The Resonance VII emerges as a thrilling ode to their indelible influence. 

The new remix album not only revisits the iconic group's groundbreaking sound, but also entrusts it to the innovative hands of contemporary bass music innovators, ensuring the spirit of Noisia lives on with ferocity and finesse.

The remix album opens with Eptic's reinterpretation of "Stigma," a track that instantly sets a high bar with its furious, bass-laden risers and spitfiring synths that shoot through the mix with precision-engineered chaos. Eptic, known for his meticulous craftsmanship, wraps Noisia’s original in a whirlwind of heightened tension to deliver a respectful tribute to the trio.

Elsewhere on the album, NGHTMRE takes the reins with a remix of "Voodoo," opening with vibrant, sweeping synths that build into a crescendo of stomping dubstep drums and rumbling basslines. As if weaving a spell, the track conjures the raw, untamed energy of a live Noisia performance, encapsulating the essence of the original while propelling it to new, exhilarating heights.

Of course, for the diehard drum & bass enthusiasts, The Resonance VII offers layers of complexity and innovation that merit a closer inspection. Among the standout tracks, Xtrah's remix of "Omissions" and LeStR's "Hideous" serve up dexterous drums that intricately weave through high-energy, warping transitions complemented by powerful one-shots that punctuate the mix while paying homage to the technical prowess for which Noisia is best known. 

In 2022, the legendary drum & bass ensemble laid down their headphones for the final time, leaving behind a legacy of fearless sonic exploration and revolutionary tracks. Fans have known that despite their last moments, amid the emotional swells of their final performance, that their work would live on—and The Resonance VII is no better proof. Take a listen below.