Levity Deliver a Bass-Fueled Blitz With New Single, “Front to Back”

Levity's latest single embodies the grit and guts of Chicago's bass music scene, and  once more the trio is turning heads and twisting dancefloors.

From the outset, "Front to Back" lays down a gauntlet with its hook, "Front to the back, know what it is when I jump on a track," delivering a clear and compelling message of the trio's dancefloor dominance. The track is a thrilling ride of sonic dynamics, characterized by its expert manipulation of tension and release. Its standout wobble bass ebbs and flows with a life of its own, bringing an element of surprise and spontaneity while intertwining seamlessly with its sharp, punchy vocal hooks.

The presence of a deep, resonant sub bass adds a foundational rumble that ensures the track’s impact is felt as much as it is heard, vibrating through the listener's core.  Together, the trio's creative elements come together in a way that's sure to excite the head-banging audience.

Lately, the recent EDM.com Class of 2024 inductees have been making it look easy, dropping a string of surefire thrillers including "Flip It" and a big remix of Billy Gillies' "DNA." Thus far, "Front To Back" marks their first original offering of 2024. Take a listen below and find it on streaming platforms here.