OMNOM and Odd Mob Unveil HYPERBEAM’s Debut EP, “The Unexplained”

Earlier this year, OMNOM and Odd Mob unveiled their collaborative project, HYPERBEAM. Now, following a series of successful collaborations, they've returned to Insomniac Records with their debut EP, The Unexplained.

Drawing from house and minimal tech influences, the record delivers a powerful blend of club-ready beats and forward-thinking sound design. It features previously released singles "Mind Awake, Body Asleep" and "All Day, All Night," and introduces two new songs, "Okay Fine" and "Reading My Mind (feat. Sarah de Warren)." 

Each otherworldly track not only rolls with infectious grooves, but also possesses a hypnotic quality that invites us to lose ourselves in the moment on the dancefloor. With its dark and ominous undercurrents, The Unexplained is a captivating listen from front to back.

"When we get together, we just bounce ideas off each other really fast," Odd Mob told in a joint interview earlier in 2024. "I think just working really fast together is what has glued it all together, I suppose. Just the speed."

Take a listen to HYPERBEAM's debut EP below and find it on streaming platforms here.