Soul Meets Underground Grit in Myles O’Neal’s New House Track, “All I Need”

Because sometimes the best things in life are determined by pure randomness, NITTI and Myles O'Neal have joined forces for a rare event in Los Angeles.

The unlikely duo—one a Grammy-nominated producer and the other a rising star in dance music—will celebrate their birthday tonight at LA's famed Academy club, where they'll each perform special DJ sets on a 360° stage. Tickets are on sale now, but before then O'Neal is celebrating early by dropping a new track, "All I Need."

With hypnotic soundscapes and a chugging bassline, "All I Need" brims with the underground grit of house music. Its pulsing bassline anchors a soulful vocal refrain echoing primal human longings ("you are all I need"), delivering a dancefloor mantra for those fleeting, sweat-soaked moments when burdens dissolve and nothing else seems to matter.

O'Neal is currently gearing up to make his debut at the iconic EDC Las Vegas festival, where he'll perform two sets over the course of this weekend. Released independently, his new single was created for a "popular video game" in partnership with D.AWN and 404, according to a press release. It's the sole featured song on a unique, playable map within the game.

"This collaboration is a full-circle moment for me because so many of us grew up playing video games," said O'Neal. "It's an honor to have my music featured in such a setting, and it's something I can look back on for the rest of my life and feel so proud of."

You can listen to "All I Need" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.