TATE SEDAR Flips Titus1’s ‘My Fire’ I….

In the 2024 dance music scene, TATE SEDAR’s remix of Titus1’s “My Fire” is making waves, reflecting TATE’s fervent drive to re-imagine and refine music that stirs him. Fans eager for a taste of this remix can follow TATE on Spotify or his secondary SoundCloud channel, “RE: TATE SEDAR”. This track is a nod to both the unexpected moments of new musical partnerships and the intense, bass-driven energy that defines it.

The collaboration began after TATE and Titus1 developed a friendship that transcended digital interactions. Offered the remix in early 2024, TATE initially struggled with a specific vowel lead. His attitude transformed at Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2024, a festival lauded for its deep embrace of bass-heavy genres. Inspired, TATE returned to the studio, reinvigorated by the festival’s explosive atmosphere and his newfound appreciation for deep, booming tones. His remix features a rich melody, complex 2-step rhythms, and a surprising third build, designed to catch listeners off guard.

“My Fire (TATE SEDAR Remix)” both brings an interesting and unique heavy bass and electro house sound to the table, but also symbolizes the serendipitous nature of the industry. Released on Kult and Kraft Records, alongside remixes by Toxic Wraith, Ginseng, and Atwood, this track continues to build on the progressive house original in a fitting and harmonious way. The backstory of this remix stretches back to 2023 when Titus1 visited LA to support Curbi at Club Catwalk. It was there that TATE and Titus1 connected, discovering mutual acquaintances and cementing the foundation for their future collaboration.

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