Avicii’s game-changing debut album ‘True’ turns 7 years old

Today is the anniversary of Avicii‘s genre-bending debut album ‘True.’ Seven years ago, the legend in the making released what is known to be one of the greatest albums in dance music. However, no one gave that title to the album when Avicii debuted it at Ultra Music Festival 2013.

With mixed reactions in the live debut, Avicii changed the game with the record. No one could have imagined you could mix folk and electronic dance music, and somehow Tim did it majestically. With hits tracks such as ‘Wake Me Up,’ ‘Hey Brother,’ and ‘Addicted To You,’ ‘True’ delivered a new electronic sound that captivated the world. Seven years later, we are still singing the songs at the top of our lungs. With over 1.1 billion streams on Spotify, ‘Wake Me Up‘ featuring Aloe Blacc skyrocketed dance music into the charts and brought Avicii to number 2 of the most streamed artists worldwide. If the success from ‘Levels’ was not enough for the Swede, ‘True’ saw Tim become a legend in the music industry for doing the unimaginable.

A musical innovator like no other, Avicii became the trendsetter. ‘True’ gave substance to music once again, as each single delivered raw emotion and goosebump giving melodies. Avicii’s debut album has become timeless and will forever be a staple in the electronic dance music community. The ten-track album delivers the most insane crossovers as Avicii broke down the genre barriers to give the world an unrivaled records. Give the full album a listen again down below:

Image Credit: Ture Lillegraven

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