beastboi. Unveils Double-Sided Debut Album, “WINGZ & FANGZ”

Since debuting in 2019, beastboi.'s imaginative take on bass music has remained a hallmark of his sound. Today, he continues to bring his otherworldly sound to life by virtue of his debut album, WINGZ & FANGZ, out now via Disciple.

Split between two discs, WINGZ & FANGZ is a genre-defiant masterstroke, flowing between ethereal, house-influenced sounds to the dark depths of riddim. Throughout each of the album's 15 tracks, beastboi. delivers a one-of-a-kind showcase with the help of sydcxx, Jack Blom, Shrike! and Xae along the way.


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The first part of the album opens with "DREAM704," an airy track lifted by sydcxx's enchanting vocals and fluttering synths. The pace quickly changes, however, as his collaboration with Jack Blom increases the tempo significantly. 

Part two strays far from the dreaminess of part one. Instead, beastboi. shows his fangs and lets his sound go haywyre. This section starts with "FRONT SEAT," which hits listeners with a no-holds-barred barrage of bass. The energy is matched throughout each of the nine songs here before reaching its apex in "WEAPON X."

All said and done, WINGZ & FANGZ is an impressive release for beastboi. It's a debut unlike most, rife with unfiltered creativity to deliver an incredibly unique record showcasing a sound all his own.

You can listen to WINGZ & FANGZ below and find the new album on streaming platforms here.