Ben Böhmer Reveals New Album, “Bloom”: Listen to the Stunning Lead Single

True to form, Ben Böhmer's new single is a masterclass in translating life's messiness into evocative dance music.

The German electronic music virtuoso delves into the murky depths of self-sabotage in "Best Life," the lead single from his upcoming album Bloom, which he revealed today.

Featuring singer-songwriter duo JONAH, the track shimmers with indie sensibilities and bittersweet nostalgia, artfully capturing the disorienting paradox of looking back while being propelled forward. Its lyrics reflect on mistakes made and relationships frayed, mirroring our own fractured minds when we experience the ache of lost connection.

JONAH's plea, "Look at me and say it's alright," hangs heavy over Böhmer's intoxicating production, a desperate cry for absolution that questions whether or not love can weather self-inflicted storms. Meanwhile, misty-eyed recollections of a former flame "dancing in the headlights" plummet us even further into the depths of the melancholia.

"'Best Life' was born out of an unexpected moment," Böhmer tells "It wasn't part of the plan, but the song emerged from a shared vulnerability with my collaborator [Angelo of JONAH]. The initial lyric fragment, 'Best Life, I just fucked it up,' struck a raw nerve, and the song became a way to explore the emotional rollercoaster ride of trying, failing and trying again, and sometimes losing important people along the way. These experiences leave an indelible mark on us, shaping who we are. I wanted to capture that raw honesty and vulnerability. We all face challenges and setbacks, but it's crucial to embrace those imperfections, learn from them, and keep pushing forward."


Scheduled to release via Ninja Tune on September 27th, Bloom is Böhmer's third studio album and first since 2021's Breathe Again. The project will also feature "One Last Call," a scintillating collaboration with Berlin-born singer-songwriter Felix Raphael.

Bloom, Böhmer tells us, is "the most vibrant and diverse album" he's ever written.

"Throughout its creation, I felt a sense of freedom that allowed me to explore many new directions," Böhmer explained. "The album was crafted in two primary settings: in nature and at home. After extensive touring, I found balance and solace in nature, which became a significant source of inspiration. I often found myself retreating to natural surroundings, where I wrote large portions of the album. I also set up a home studio, where I acquired an upright piano and engaged in traditional songwriting."

"Working directly from the comfort of my home in a cozy environment, and from composing on a piano to jamming with singers, naturally led me to incorporate many organic sounds and classical song structures," he continued. "Two of the tracks, 'Evermore' and 'Rain,' were even re-recorded with a 40-string orchestra [the FAMES Orchestra]. It felt only natural to choose a title that reflected this influence. Bloom represents the diversity, colors and equilibrium that nature brought into my life."

You can pre-save Bloom here and check out its tracklist below.

Ben Böhmer - Bloom Tracklist

1. Martin
2. Hiding (feat. Lykke Li)
3. Best Life (feat. JONAH)
4. Memory Cassettes
5. Beautiful (feat. Malou)
6. Faithless (feat. Erin LeCount)
7. Rust
8. Evermore (feat. Enfant Sauvage)
9. Rain (feat. Max Milner)
10. The Sun (feat. Oh Wonder)
11. Blossoms

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