Listen: nimino’s “Nothing Perfect” Is a Bubbly House Anthem for Imperfect Love

On his new single, nimino bottles the intoxicating and, at times, maddening feeling of finding your imperfect match. 

By marrying wistful realness with bubbly production, "Nothing Perfect," out now via Ninja Tune's venerable Counter Records, achieves a sublime balance. It's a track for slow-dancing with your partner, cherishing every misstep and out-of-sync twirl.

Buoyant arpeggios and an irresistible groove envelop us like a warm hug while nimino's emotive vocals carry the weight of love's imperfections. "Are you alone? Because it's nothing perfect," he warbles with candor.

But he doesn't lament the inevitable arguments—he revels in them through the romantic realization, "But I'd settle for you / Grow old and argue." Leaning into love's messiness rather than idealism, those lyrics conjure a lifetime of long looks, heated debates and making up afterward.

"My friend was ghosted by a girl he liked, but a couple months later she made her way back into his life and said, 'Are you alone, 'cos it's nothing perfect, but I’d settle for you,'" nimino explained. "I feel like it speaks a lot to modern dating and the fact that people can even struggle with their own standards."

Listen to "Nothing Perfect" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.


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