Better Days: The Story of UK Rave documentary will explore over 30 years of rave culture

A new electronic music documentary is coming to us via Amazon on May 28, and it explores everything that has happened over the last 30 years in the UK’s rave scene. Titled Better Days: The Story of UK Rave, it aims to celebrate the legacy of the scene, as well as educate and inform.

The 32 minute-long documentary will go in detail about the early days of the UK rave scene, from illegal parties all the way up to recent illegal gatherings in the wake of the pandemic times and everything else in between. With a killer curated soundtrack designed to fill watchers with nostalgia, it will also feature interviews from a whole host of well known artists such as legends Denis SultaPaul Hartnoll and Terry Farley as well as journalists, fans and key event organisers to name a few.

Directed by the MOBO-nominated Hugo Jenkins – who has worked with Boiler Room and artists such as Skepta and Maribou State on music videos – it is an essential documentary, and Head of Music Patrick Clifton states:

“The rave movement’s influence is inextricably woven into the music and culture of today, as we see the past reverberate through the sounds and styles of current dance music culture. With Britain’s new breed of ravers living in a time as complex and transformational as their predecessors, now is the perfect time to explore where UK rave culture came from, where it is now and where it might be going next.”

Better Days: The Story of UK Rave will be available streaming live on Twitch on May 28 at 19:00 BST and will also become available on the Amazon Music app on the same day, and the Amazon Music YouTube channel from May 31. You can now watch the trailer below.

Image credit: 1989 rave

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