Black Tiger Sex Machine’s Innovative “Portals” Album Is World-Building at Its Finest

Few electronic artists spend as much time world-building as Black Tiger Sex Machine. The superstar trio's efforts have culminated in their remarkable third album, Portals, out now via their own Kannibalen Records imprint. 

A stunning expansion of their heavy, industrial sound, Portals capitalizes on many months of hype to deliver the best album of BTSM's career. Spanning 10 tracks, the record is a powerful addition to their discography, weaving a compelling interplay of masterful storytelling and visual arts all while writing some of their most memorable music to date. 

Time and again, the group have proven themselves a forward-thinking force in electronic music. However, to BTSM, Portals is more than just an album. Ranging from Berserk to Naruto, it traverses a variety of influences from the worlds of anime and gaming while expanding upon the post-apocalyptic universe they've been developing over the course of a decade.

"The Portals LP is a massive concept project that sees our fictionalized universe expand like never before with new stories centered around characters like Naomi," the band tells

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Expanding on their concept even further, Portals translates directly to BTSM's phantasmagoric live show.

The trio used motion capture to crystallize the album's themes into trippy animated visuals for the show, curating the most immersive—and impressive—live experience than they've ever had before. Not only does this add intrigue to their live performances, but it also allows them to craft a deeply personal tale throughout each of the tracks featured on the album.

You can listen to Portals below and find the new album on streaming platforms here.

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