Breaking Barriers: Nostalgix and EVAN GIIA’s Defiant Collaboration on “LIMIT”

Success doesn't happen by accident.

Nostalgix and EVAN GIIA resonate with this idea all too well. In late June, the pair collaborated for the first time and unveiled "LIMIT," which encourages us to fearlessly go after our dreams. With its raw power and compelling message, the track draws inspiration straight from their go-getter mindsets.

While GIIA recently embarked on a path of newfound independence after parting ways with a label, Nostalgix faced her own trials and tribulations during a challenging season of self-management. Both artists had undergone a period of self-discovery, forging a strong connection with their authentic voices and inner power.

"The day that I met with Gix we were just talking about that feeling of owning my art and my voice and the freedom that comes along with it, and how powerful I felt," GIIA tells "It kind of quickly shaped into the lyrics of this song."

The personal meaning of "LIMIT"

At this critical juncture of their music careers, both Nostalgix and GIIA have arrived at a profound sense of creative liberation. Having grasped the essence of owning their art, they are now resolute in charting their own path.

Unshackled from external influences, they have embraced the conviction to follow their hearts' desires, undeterred by the opinions of others. 

"I just had so many people telling me what I should do, who I should be, what I should be doing with my music," Nostalgix said. "I’m just gonna do what feels right and I’m just gonna keep moving towards what I want. I’m gonna create my own path and I don’t need to listen to anybody else."



The journey towards unshakable confidence was not always paved with ease—it was something that had to be learned. Nostalgix recalls her early days as a DJ, when she felt shy and reserved while performing. Through consistently putting herself out there and confronting her fears head-on, she gradually emerged as a performer brimming with confidence both on and off the stage.

Similarly, GIIA's singing career was not without its roadblocks. Hailing from a small town, she was always recognized as a great singer. She decided to enroll at Berkeley School of Music and after being surrounded by a multitude of exceptionally gifted singers, her confidence faltered.

For four years, she stopped singing altogether and instead majored in music business. Two years after graduating, her resilient attitude and strong support system breathed life back into her passion. Armed with newfound courage, she rekindled her love for singing and songwriting.

"I was so nervous," GIIA' recalls. "And then 40 bad songs later I was just like, okay maybe I can do this."

Navigating self-confidence struggles

With such a demanding job, nurturing a self-care routine is paramount to ensure performers remain motivated, grounded and in good health. Both Nostalgix and GIIA have openly expressed their love of fitness, recognizing its transformative impact on their lives. Dedication to fitness serves as an anchor, keeping their spirits high and motivation unflappable.

"When you take that 30 minutes or that hour for yourself that day, you’re proving to yourself in that moment, 'Yeah, I can do anything I want to,'" Nostalgix says of her fitness routine. "It’s not the easiest thing but I’m going to do it for myself. And once you do that, anything else is easy."

Their journeys serve as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that success is often achieved through the accumulation of small, determined steps. Each stride they took, every hurdle they overcame and every moment of self-discovery contributed to shaping the artists they are now.

"I can do hard things," GIIA adds. "I scream that to myself on the treadmill at the worst moments. That really sets the tone for my whole career. It’s like, 'Okay, rough spot, we’re gonna get through it.' And it boosts confidence as well."



Moreover, both find solace and rejuvenation in nature. Stepping outside for walks and immersing themselves in the great outdoors offers a respite from the demands of the industry, giving them fresh perspectives and alleviating stress. The harmonious union of fitness and nature cultivates their wellbeing, paving the way for their brilliance to shine through.

When asked for advice to offer those grappling with the pursuit of their dreams, both artists agreed on a valuable insight: direct your attention to the next step, rather than the entirety of the journey. In the face of overwhelming aspirations, focusing on the bigger picture can be daunting and breaking it down into micro-steps paves a clearer and more manageable path.

Embracing these small but decisive strides not only empowers us to keep moving forward, but also fosters inner strength and growth throughout the process.

"Just keep finding different ways to move forward," Nostalgix said. "Whether that’s a tiny step in one day or if it’s a big step. Don’t be hard on yourself and just know that eventually you’re gonna get there, 100%. Believe it, you will get there. All those little things make you stronger. You've got to also think that if you could have everything you ever wanted tomorrow, where’s the fun in that? You have to work towards it." 

"The cool thing with that is the more you push yourself or you challenge yourself or you break those limits, you notice that you’re capable of doing it, so you can keep doing more in the future," she continues. "That’s honestly the coolest thing. You have this belief of what you’re able to do."

Dealing with criticism

Despite their wins, both women remain susceptible to criticism within the cutthroat music industry. Doubters and naysayers have not been scarce, to say the least.

Rather than allowing these voices to deter them, they stay focused and guided by their unwavering belief in their vision. Listening to their intuition and following their creative instincts allows them to stay true to their unique identities.

"That’s probably the most challenging part and section of EVAN GIIA that I’ve ever had," she explained. "To just maintain the confidence and steadfast belief in your project when other people are like, 'I don’t know, this might be just a flash in the pan, it doesn’t seem like your numbers are there, where are your stats…' But no matter what, I’m going to wake up and work towards my goal. It’s who I am, I couldn’t even take it out of me if I tried. I’m grateful for that." 

Nostalgix (L) and EVAN GIIA (R).


While they strive to shield themselves from negativity and doubt, they maintain an open-mindedness towards constructive criticism. Embracing a growth mindset, they actively seek to push their boundaries and challenge themselves further. When individuals they admire offer valuable insights, they will consider implementing the suggestions into their endeavors.

"I always want to better what I’m doing in my art, in my personal life. So I will always listen where I see fit. But for the most part I just tune out criticism or hate or people saying that I can’t do something," Nostalgix explained. "We can do anything we want. We can literally go to the moon if we wanted to. We can literally set our minds to anything and achieve it, so why can’t I do that thing?"

The future of "LIMIT"

Although concrete plans for new music together are not on the immediate horizon, both artists are eager to unite onstage and deliver a live performance of "LIMIT." Having already played the song in their individual sets, they have witnessed firsthand the positive response it has garnered from their audiences.

"I play it in my sets and people just go crazy," GIIA gushes. "It’s the classic people on the rail just give a bass face right away which to me is the highest compliment you could ever get."

With a shared commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience, their live performance of "LIMIT" promises to be an exhilarating celebration of their boundless potential. In the meantime, fans can stream the song here.

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