Carl Cox calls out UK government for lack of care towards the dance music scene

Right now, it’s no secret that the UK government is not doing all it can to help protect the dance music scene going on over there. With a lack of funding and overall care, it seems that dance music and DJs are being left in the dust. The likes of Fatboy Slim and Calvin Harris have had some strong words to say about the whole situation, and now Carl Cox is also speaking his mind.

During a live Q&A for Brighton Music Conference, Cox slammed the government for the choice words they had to say. Helen Whately – health and car minister – stated that supporting the music and nightlife industry ‘doesn’t make sense’ and the scene is not viable and understandably, this got many riled up. Speaking on the topic, Carl Cox said the following:

“The government is 100% wrong. The people have spoken before, we fought for the right to party. Despite everything that the police and the politicians put us under, they had to give festivals and clubs the ability to give people what they wanted in their lives, in comfortable surroundings. […] I’ve been doing this for the best part of 40 years – my heart and soul and spirit lives on within me to continue to do what I do at the level I do it at. If you love the music, we have to make our voices heard on being viable. They’re basically saying we don’t exist. We’ve been involved in this music for 30 years – do you think it’ll fizzle out by tomorrow?”

We completely agree with Carl there, and as the industry is expected to take another hit it is important to make the government see the importance of taking our scene seriously, and giving it as much financial aid as possible. To help out, you can visit the #WeMakeEvents website here to see what you can do.

Image Credit: Carl Cox Facebook 

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