Charlotte de Witte Enters Overdrive With New Single, “High Street”

The Belgian techno superstar is racing fast into a new creative chapter.

Charlotte de Witte is keeping pedal to the metal with her latest track, “High Street.” 

Known for her thematic EPs, such as the high-octane Formula and the otherworldly Apollo, de Witte's latest is a curious look into what's to come for the Belgian superstar. 

"High Street" revs to life with the ominous flare of de Witte’s heavy-hitting drums and sweeping synths. There’s an added sense of urgency in this heart-racing production with its spit-firing vocals, delivering an extra kick.

Charlotte de Witte.

Robin Goossens/KEMIZZ

The primal song marks what's said to be the start of a new creative chapter for de Witte, who is kicking off her OVERDRIVE EP campaign with a driving techno record that encapsulates her characteristically thrill-seeking spirit.

"'High Street' is a fast-paced track that breathes the energy of the streets on a vibrant Friday night," de Witte said in a press release. “It creates a thrilling and invigorating atmosphere, setting the tone for an exciting night ahead. It is a blurring tune that unconsciously pulls you into the late night."

"High Street" arrives by way of de Witte’s own KNTXT label. Take a listen below.



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