Chris Lake Responds After Idiotic Clubber Hurls Drink, Soaks Him During DJ Set

Chris Lake is the latest victim of a bewilderingly stupid trend where audience members hurl objects at artists while they perform.

The house music superstar recently performed at DAER Nightclub in South Florida, where his set took an unexpected turn after a moronic fan flung a drink toward the stage. The cup soared over Lake's head, but not before soaking the DJ, who took a moment to wipe his face as well as the club's decks.

In June, Bebe Rexha was rushed offstage and left with a black eye after a concert-goer pegged her with a cellphone. A month later, someone attending a Cardi B concert threw a drink at the rapper, who retaliated by hurling her microphone. Harry Styles was also clocked in the face with an object during a performance in Vienna this summer.

Lake ultimately took to X (formerly Twitter) to bemoan the incident and call out the "prick" behind it.

"Was going to play longer until that prick flung that drink, so instead I wrapped up on time and bounced," Lake wrote. "Still had a great time though. Everyone else was epic. Why anyone thinks it's a good idea to throw things like that is beyond me."

A man then responded in the thread, claiming to be the culprit and rejoicing in the fact that the incident was caught on video.

"Haha that was me and my boy," wrote the clownish clubber. "I am weakkk."



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