500 People Apprehended on Suspicion of Trawling, Robbery at Massive EDM Concert in Brazil

More than 500 people were apprehended at Alok's massive "Show of the Century" in Brazil after being suspected of trawling and robberies, Jovem Pan News reports.

The Brazilian dance music superstar celebrated his birthday as well as Copacabana Palace's 100th anniversary in tandem with the show, which took place on August 26th. A record-breaking crowd of one million saw him perform atop a remarkable 100-foot, pyramid-shaped stage with interactive drones and fireworks.

The detainees were reportedly found with over 150 "sharp objects," which were seized at inspection points. These include knives, pliers, stilettos and scalpels. 17 adults were formally arrested, per local police.

It's important to note that engaging in trawling—the act of dragging a large net behind a boat to catch everything in its path, including marine mammals—goes against Alok's mission for environmental sustainability. Together with the Brazilian renewable energy company 2W Ecobank, the DJ offset the event's CO2 emissions by neutralizing them through clean energy certificates and carbon credits, according to a press release shared with EDM.com.

Trawling actively destroys the ocean's ecosystems, creating a chain reaction of environmental disasters. Festivals like Alaska's Sacred Acre, which returns to the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds of Ninilchik this weekend, function as seedbeds for music fans to stay educated on conservation.

"The goal is to stay moving within the same goal and share a 'hive mind' to make a difference," Sacred Acre's assistant director, Hannah Stearns, told EDM.com. "We want people to come out with a fuller cup and feel genuine care and support, knowing that the power of music can influence change.”

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