The Chemical Brothers Remain in Top Form With Psychedelic Club Album, “For That Beautiful Feeling”

10 albums later, The Chemical Brothers are still chasing new highs.

The pioneering duo of three decades have released their landmark album, For That Beautiful Feeling. Remaining allegiant to the cutting-edge club sounds upon which they've built their name, the contiguous dance album is brimming with memorable grooves from start to finish.

The prolific duo have never shied from uncharted sonic territory, and For That Beautiful Feeling sees them once again taking the road less traveled. That's not to say they weren't armed with a plan, however. Their characteristically psychedelic sound is heard pairing well with the funk-tinged basslines of "No Return," the hollow hand-drum driven "The Darkness That You Fear" and even the high-flying, distorted leads of "Feels Like I Am Dreaming."

It all seemingly builds up to the titular track. The least club-focused track of the bunch, "For That Beautiful Feeling" is highlighted by angelic vocals and slow-burning melodies in a swelling, poetic sendoff.

The cohesive album once more reaffirms The Chemical Brothers aren't struggling to stay fresh, even after parlaying decades of success into this present moment. It follows 2019's No Geography, which notably landed the duo a Grammy Award in the category of Best Dance/Electronic Album. Take a listen below.



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