Covex On Why His Long-Awaited Sophomore Album Gave Him “A New Sense of Purpose”

A new artistic chapter is unfolding in the story of Covex.

The esteemed producer is jumping headlong into 2024 by unveiling bits and pieces of OSCILLATE, his hotly anticipated sophomore album. Out May 16th via the renowned record label Seeking Blue, the project is shaping up to be his best piece of work yet.

After making a splash with "Power," a scintillating combination of garage production and aching vocals from Yianna, Covex has now teamed up with Fi Sullivan for "Another Night." Out now, the stunning track combines the whimsy of indie-pop with bubbly sound design with playful production and a powerful topline from Sullivan. Nostalgic and dancefloor-ready, it beautifully sets the stage for his album rollout. caught up with Covex to discuss the creative and collaborative process of “Another Night,” lessons learned from his upcoming project, his plans for 2024, and more.