Daft Punk Release Early Demo of Random Access Memories Opener, “Give Life Back to Music”

The new version comprises Daft Punk's recording "before any production was added."

Daft Punk have released the second new track from their upcoming "10th Anniversary Edition" of Random Access Memories, the legendary duo's final studio album.

Featuring guitar work from disco and funk icon Nile Rodgers, "GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)" is an early demo of "Give Life Back to Music," the opening track of RAM. The new version comprises Daft Punk's recording "before any production was added," according to a press release shared with EDM.com.

"These outtakes can be viewed as a research record—listeners can hear multiple inspirations and multiple directions of what the song could have evolved into before Daft Punk chose the part to focus on to finalize what we’ve been knowing as 'Give Life Back To Music' for 10 years," reads the release.


"GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)" follows last month's release of "The Writing of Fragments of Time" alongside Todd Edwards. Both will appear on Daft Punk's expanded version of Random Access Memories, which is scheduled to drop on May 12th. Fans can now pre-order the album.

You can stream "GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)" here.

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition) Tracklist

Give Life Back to Music
The Game of Love
Giorgio by Moroder
Instant Crush
Lose Yourself To Dance
Get Lucky
Fragments of Time
Doin’ it right
Horizon (Japan CD)
GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)
Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)
GL (Early Take)
Prime (2012 Unfinished)
LYTD (Vocoder Tests)
The Writing of Fragments Of Time
Touch (2021 Epilogue)

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