David Guetta Decisively Refutes Rumors of Playing Pre-Recorded Sets

In a recent assertion of authenticity, David Guetta has emphatically denied ever performing pre-recorded sets, maintaining his commitment to real-time DJing has been unwavering. 

"I won’t speak for other people, but I’ve never done that, the iconic French DJ said via Daily Star’s "Wired" column. "You often see comments from people that I do this, but it’s not true, I love DJ-ing, and DJ-ing is about reading the crowd and connecting to them."

David Guetta DJing alongside MORTEN at the Brooklyn Mirage.

Christian Wade/EDM.com

Guetta's comments arrive following recent commentary by deadmau5, who suggested that many high-profile festival sets are pre-recorded. The influential "Strobe" producer stated that a dead giveaway of a pre-recorded set is the music's immaculate timing and alignment with the visuals. 

Guetta acknowledged having heard the commentary, also adding that in his view, it's possible to have the best of both worlds. He cited Daft Punk as an influential inspiration for his approach to live sets. 

"I always refused to do it," he said of pre-recorded sets. "I was very frustrated, but now I get to have the best of both worlds, which is to really DJ and to have a perfect show simultaneously."

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