Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Vini Vici & MATTN team up for electrifying ‘Cafe Del Mar’ rendition: Listen

Adding an electrifying spin to an absolute classic, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Vini Vici and MATTN have all teamed up for a ‘Cafe Del Mar‘ rendition like no other. Amplifying the voltage with this latest release, all set of artists’ have ensured that the most dynamic of end productions will have listeners enticed throughout the tracks’ entirety, whilst the iconic aura of Energy 52’s smash hit has also remained intact. Providing us all with the most breathtaking of remixes, we can’t help but feel that sense of euphoria as we get lost in the magnifying presence of this exhilarating single.

Having worked previously on hit projects such as ‘Get In Trouble (So What),’ ‘The House of House,’ and ‘Untz Untz,’ the combination of the Belgian duo with that of the psy-trance icons, has left us once again in awe, as ‘Cafe Del Mar’ further showcases the undeniable musical chemistry between these multifaceted artists’. Elevating the rendition to the most spectacular of heights, MATTN adds her own big-room sound, and in turn, makes this track one for the ages. A highly-energetic production, each musical element has been implemented to the utmost of perfection, as the electrifying synths lead to a trance-fixed euphoric drop, making ‘Cafe Del Mar’ the party anthem that we need for this upcoming summer season and not only.

“We are really excited about this release. It’s been a while now since we produced new tunes with with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike! Having MATTN on this record is a great addition as well. The original track is a huge classic so we all came to this edit humble and packed with historical significance. ‘Cafe Del Mar’ is one for the books.” – Vini Vici

Out now under Smash The House, ‘Cafe Del Mar’ will most definitely have you feeling some type of way. All set to entice party-goers at every corner of the world, this highly-addictive and fresh rendition of an Ibiza classic, will have listeners begging for more. Be sure to check out this party anthem on Spotify below, with the track also available for streaming through all major platforms here. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (via Facebook), Vini Vici (via Facebook), MATTN (via Facebook)

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