DJ Arrested After Throwing Police Officer’s Keys Into Bushes Following Rave

In the heat of a U.K. police bust of an illicit rave, one attending DJ caught a case of theft—by throwing an officer's keys into a bush.

Thomas Cope had skin in the game at the rave near Enford, which was attended by roughly 30 individuals, according to local reports. He had brought his speakers and DJ equipment to the event, and when officers were dispatched to the scene to disband it, he became upset. In an inebriated state, Cope, 36, reportedly retaliated by accessing an officer's vehicle and taking its keys before hurling them into a nearby bush.

Regretting the "stupid, reckless and thoughtless act," Cope began searching but was unable to locate the keys, even after spending four hours wandering the grassy area with a metal detector, Swindon Advertiser reports. Police also deployed a K-9 search unit, which proved futile.

Cope was arrested on the scene and ultimately pled guilty to a charge of theft. He has been ordered to pay £100 to Wiltshire Constabulary, who have since been forced to replace the missing keys.

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