Create Music Group Acquires Music For Pets And Initiates Roadmap To Invest Additional $10M To Grow The Space

Create Music Group has announced the acquisition of Music For Pets and an upcoming $10 million roadmap to bring pet entertainment media to prominence, Music Business Worldwide reports.

A press release issued by Music For Pets revealed that the startup already serves more than 20 million pets that collectively consume over 12 million hours of music each month. The primary distribution channel has been the company's YouTube accounts, Relax My Dog and Relax My Cat, which collectively boast over 2.2 million subscribers.

Ricardo Henriquez and Amman Ahmed started the company in 2017 after the former's personal experiences combating his own dog's anxiety illuminated the business case.

"We hear from pet owners all over the world that Relax My Dog and Relax My Cat have made a huge positive impact on their pets’ overall emotional health," Ahmed said. "Our mission is to make the world’s pets happier, and we’re excited to take this next step with Create Music Group."


Create Music Group's acquisitive spirit has landed them a majority stake in The Nations' YouTube channels and the VRTCL marketing agency, among other musically inclined brands, making them the purr-fect partner to take Music For Pets mainstream.

"The Music for Pets platform fits perfectly into our business model as we continue to reinvent what it means to be a modern music company by building and investing into entertainment businesses that have a direct meaningful relationship with their audience and fans and have complete ownership of all IP," Create Music Group CEO Jonathan Strauss added. "This market is massive and there is a reason that Amman and Ricardo's company has been nicknamed ‘Petflix.’"

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