Dubstep Fury Meets Hip-Hop Swagger in Hydraulix and Oski’s New Track, “HAWT”

Hydraulix and Oski have reunited to release "HAWT," a new collaboration that's equal parts hip-hop swagger and dubstep fury.

The Australian compatriots are longtime collaborators, teaming up over the last decade on many projects that leave listeners simultaneously repulsed and entranced. And it's clear they haven't lost their chemistry.

With its thick low end, "HAWT" is vintage "Hydroski." A testament to the boundless creativity of these two musical renegades, it's the lead single from a new collaborative EP, Hydraulix tells EDM.com.

Dunking their wealth of trap and dubstep influences into a blender, "HAWT" is a middle finger to musical convention that will either enthrall or repel, depending on your tolerance for the strange and unexpected. You won't find any melodic ache or sadboi songwriting here—the track's drops plunge us into an underbelly of writhing neuro bass and distorted vox, shattering the constraints of the bass genre.

You can listen to the new single below and find it on streaming platforms here.