Listen to Westend, Punctual and Tudor’s New Single, an Uplifting House Track for Lost Souls

Westend, Punctual and Tudor have joined forces for "EYAH (You'll Be Alright)," an intoxicating house track that explores the raw vulnerability of the human spirit.

Out now on Class of 2023 star Westend's own Trace Amounts imprint, the sublime song isn't a house anthem for a hedonistic night, but a sonic sanctuary for the lonely soul. Its lyrics paint a picture of an individual drowning in the weight of the world, desperate to be buoyed by an outreached hand.

The track's haunting production serves as the perfect backdrop for lyrics that cut straight to the heart of the human condition: "You're all alone and you're feeling down / You know the words but can't make a sound."

Fostering a sense of solidarity with the listener, what sets "EYAH" apart is its artful balance of melancholy and hope. Pulsing kick drums and atmospheric synth crescendos envelop us in a warm cocoon, providing a trance-like state to fully absorb the track's emotional truth.

Westend, Punctual and Tudor lay bare the alienation and anguish that weighs heavily on so many of us, but the song's vocals uplift with reassurance that the weight on our shoulders doesn't need to hoisted alone. Their artistry is astonishing yet subtle, joining forces for a track that demands to be experienced with headphones on and eyes closed.

Take a listen to "EYAH (You'll Be Alright)" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.